Cycle Caledon Challenge

Saturday July 19, 2014

Questions & Answers

Q: Is the Cycle Caledon Challenge a bike race?

A: No. The Cycle Caledon Challenge is not a race. The challenge is the hilly terrain. Participants can depart at their leisure within a half hour window for their chosen ride distance. Participants that wish to ride in a group must not get caught up in the action and take risks with traffic. The route will be well marked with water stops on route.


Q: Will the roads be closed to cars?

A: The tour route will be open to motor vehicle traffic. The route is designed to follow roads that are lightly traveled. Participants must follow all rules of the road.


Q: How challenging is the route?

A: Situated on the Niagara Escarpment, the Caledon area presents rolling hills that will challenge participants. The 100 and 160 km distance is targeted to intermediate and advanced level cyclists as it is also technically challenging with a short section of dirt road (160 km ride route) and a couple of steep climbs and high-speed descents.

Loop 1 - 40 kms:

Loop 1 Elevation

Loop 2 - 60 kms:

Loop 2 Elevation

Loop 3 - 60 kms:

Loop 3 Elevation


Q: Is there a special event jersey for purchase?

A: Unfortunately there is no special jersey to commemorate the tour this year. We hope next year to produce a jersey with a design such as below.


Q: What if it is raining on the day of the event?

A: Due to the logistics with permits and coordinating volunteers, the event will go ahead rain or shine on the event day. Participants should be prepared to ride in the rain and adjust their distance.


Q: I'm coming from out of town to participate. Where do you recommend to stay overnight before the event?

A: Welcome to the region! The closest metropolis is the City of Brampton. There is a wide selection of hotels to choose from.


Q: I have a question not answered here

A: Contact the organizer by e-mail:

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